The PERFILNORTE began operations on January 6, 1993 , in order to complement the activity of the Seventy joinery , SA , belonging to the same owners PERFILNORTE , having as their main activity and covering the industrial pavilions with profiled sheet , While taking of outsourcing this service . Started business in a pavilion attached to the Seventy joinery instead of Forester , Lomar - Braga , of reduced dimensions , which became confined as the number of customers increased, as well as their production . In November 1998 the Perfilnorte moved to a new facility in Adaúfe Industrial Park , dedicated to the profiling of galvanized steel and pre -lacquered in various colors and various profiles , the profiling pierced beams, the desired length, cutting and bending flashings , gutters and other accessories for roofs and facades , and sale of accessories for ventilation , fixing and insulation of roofs and facades , and even the marketing of sandwich panels.

Aware of the urgent need to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization , with the aim of continually improving to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and our competitiveness, PERFILNORTE directs its efforts on the continuous improvement of its activities through the implementation an appropriate and effective management system , order in which they are involved all its employees . This Management System is certified by SGS according to the requirements of the standards EN ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 .